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About KB Interiors & Staging

Thank you for your interest in KB Interiors & Staging.  We have been helping people transform their spaces for over 15 years. Founder and Home designer Kendra Bruno started out providing design advice to friends and family. Finding that she has a gift that people are in need of to help to create individualized living spaces that captures their visions, feelings and ideas.  It was thanks to these people, who convinced her to do what she loves and offer people services they are in need of which lead to the creation of KB Interiors & Staging.

Here at KB Interior & Staging our passion is providing a stunning transformation that will help maximize your money without breaking that bank.

We pride ourselves on understanding what is important to buyers and creating a space people can see themselves living in.   

Our love of transforming spaces, combined with a background in design is how we confidently prepare homes to sell quickly.   

​In the last several years, we have transformed many properties. Working hard to create a referral-based company that is growing on the word of mouth of happy, satisfied clients.

We proudly partner with realtors, builders, house flippers, home sellers, and homeowners working together to create beautifully designed spaces for the needs of our clients.


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Services Available

First Impressions Staging

Potential buyers make a first impressions within the first 30 seconds of entering the home. Creating a stunning first impression is what KB Interiors and staging aims to accomplish, we want buyers to walk through the door and experience the “WOW” factor!  Our goal is to create buyers to envision their future in your home. Thinking of putting your home on the market? Call us today. 608-469-5017


What we love about designing and decorating is helping clients see their vision. Most people know what they like, they just have a hard time knowing how to put it all together. We are there to help take what clients envision and turn it into a reality of their living spaces.